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FIFA has launched an investigation into how Nusret Gokce, the owner of meat restaurants, was able to enter the field after the final match of the 2022 World Cup.

At the end of the final match between France and Argentina, Gokce was seen holding and kissing the World Cup on the pitch while honoring the Argentine footballers.

According to FIFA rules, only winners of tournaments, FIFA officials and heads of state can hold the trophy.

FIFA announced that it was investigating how Nusret Gokce could enter the field without his permission and the necessary accreditation.

A FIFA spokesman told BBC Sports: “FIFA is looking into how people entered the pitch illegally after the closing ceremony at Lusail Stadium on 18 December.”

Nusret Gokce, famous for his act of putting salt on meat, known by the nickname “Sol Bae”, entered the field after the final match, approached some footballers such as Messi, tried to take a photo and shared his photo during the World Cup in his account in the social network.

In November, Nusret Gokce shared a video on social media of him hugging FIFA President Gianni Infantino while the World Cup was still underway. Many footballers, including David Beckham, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, have eaten at Goekce restaurants.

After the World Cup final, Gökçe was banned from reaching the final of the US Open Cup football tournament.

“Salt Bae has been suspended from the 2023 Open Cup Final,” the US Open Cup Twitter account says.

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