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Women’s resistance, which began in Iran, continues to resonate in many countries around the world. Turkish artist Ismail Yildirim, who lives in Paris, opened his exhibition of paintings dedicated to the memory of Mahsa Amini, who was killed in custody after being detained by the vice police for “not wearing a hijab.”

Ismail Yıldırım named the exhibition “Women, Life and Freedom” which he opened in his workshop in Belleville, Paris, the slogan of Iranian women. Speaking to the Turkish Voice of America, Yıldırım said: “This slogan has often appeared on the streets of Paris since the death of Mahsa Amini. I really liked him. It was simple but striking: life, women and freedom. It’s an amazingly beautiful slogan.”

Ismail Yıldırım, combining the motif of the tree of life from the patterns of Turkish carpets and women’s hair, expresses that he wants to describe the nature of a woman, which actually means “life” because she is a mother. However, she also draws attention to women’s different reactions to the pain she experiences. According to Yıldırım, women sometimes “rebel” in the face of pain, sometimes they “rely” by accepting their fate.

The dichotomy of “rebellion and submission”

The artist Yıldırım said: “There is a dilemma in the portraits of women that I exhibit here. We can call it “duality” in French. The dilemma is this: there are those who obey and there are those who rebel. Mahsa Amini was a rebel. That’s why I drew her screaming. But, for example, I drew a woman whose husband died in the Soma mine, a woman who was waiting for the return of her husband, a fisherman, in calm expectation.

Participation in the exhibition organized by Ismail Yıldırım in his workshop in Belleville was eventful. Portraits of screaming, screaming women with bloodied hair and hands shocked visitors as well. Visitor Kristina, who said she has been watching Ismail Yıldırım’s work for many years, said of the paintings she has been looking at for a long time: “I am very happy that Ismail has focused on this topic. Extremely vivid, disturbing, strong images. Hair, blood, paint, rebellion all together. Extremely “It’s disturbing and powerful. I find the disturbing aspect of art very powerful,” he said.

“Turkish women can be role models”

The artist Ismail Yildirim claims that with the cry of the Iranian Mahsa Amini, he actually wants to depict the cries of Anatolian women and all women. She believes that Turkey and Turkish women have an important mission in this geography:

“I started with the resistance of Mahsa Amini and Iranian women, but now how can we forget the girl her father married at the age of 6. How can we forget the women who have been killed in violence in Turkey and elsewhere. I drew this for all women, whether in Iran or in this region.”

Artist Ismail Yıldırım, who also believes that Turkish women play a different role in their region, said: “I believe that Turkey is one step ahead in this geography. In other words, Turkey can be a role model for Iran, Syria, Iraq and the women’s movement. I think.

40 years in Paris

Turkish painter and sculptor Ismail Yıldırım was born in Konya in 1954 and has lived in Paris since 1982. Yıldırım, who has been painting and sculpting in Paris for nearly 40 years, says he is an artist of his time. Yıldırım defines his painting style as “bright aesthetics, rebellious beauty and deep darkness without any decorative appeal”.

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