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The interim government that was created by the President of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó in 2019, who did not recognize President Nicolas Maduro on the grounds that he was illegitimate and recognized by almost sixty states, was dissolved.

In January 2019, the “interim government” formed by the opposition-dominated National Assembly led by Juan Guaidó on the grounds that President Nicolas Maduro had seized power unfairly was dissolved.

The proposal to resign the government was put on the agenda last week with the support of the three largest opposition parties: the New Era (Un Nuevo Tiempo), the Democratic Movement (Acción Democrática), Justice First (Primero Justicia) and the Movement for Party of Venezuela (Movement for Venezuela) The vote was scheduled for Friday. At yesterday’s vote, the proposal to dissolve the provisional government was approved by 29 votes to 72. Eight deputies abstained.

Juan Guaidó, who united the multi-party opposition in 2019 and declared himself interim president with a promise to lead the country to presidential elections as soon as possible, was recognized by about sixty countries, primarily the United States of America, Latin America and the European Union, and controlled part of the country’s assets abroad.

Although Guaidó’s interim government has received international support, its failure to have real political power at home, its failure to overthrow Maduro and create the conditions that would lead the country to a presidential election, drew criticism from the opposition.

“The cancellation of the constitutional document from a political point of view does not put us in a better position. Today, Venezuela is the loser, and the dictatorship (Maduro) is the winner. The cancellation of the interim presidency is deliberate,” Guaidó said in a statement.

Political scientist Benigno Alarcon draws attention to the fact that today there is a serious polarization in the country, but this polarization is not between the opposition parties in the country, with opposition votes up to 70 percent, and not between the ruling party in the 20s.

Saying that abolishing the interim government could make things easier for the government, Alarcón said the decision to dissolve would result in a change of strategy needed for opposition parties whose ties to the opposition are diminishing day by day; He notes that signs of which actors and roadmap the opposition will follow will begin to emerge in the coming days.

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