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In the UK, an association of pharmacies has warned of a “shortage of cough and cold medicines” during the winter months when influenza and derived respiratory diseases are on the rise.

British Association of Independent Multidisciplinary PharmaciesAImp) President Dr. Leila Hannbeck told the British national news agency PA Media that the simplest and most common cold in pharmacists and flu medicine He said he struggled to get it.

Hannbeck noted that there is a problem with the supply of throat lozenges, cough medicines and some painkillers, which are among the over-the-counter drugs.

This winter, cold Saying that demand for these drugs is strong due to rising influenza and influenza cases, Hannbeck warned that drug shortages in pharmacies could put more strain on the British National Health System (NHS).

“As pharmacists, we do our best to support patients in every way we can and try alternatives or give advice on how to manage cold and flu symptoms,” Hannbeck said, urging people not to panic despite warnings of drug shortages. used the phrase.

Professor Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser for the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), yesterday warned that adults should stay at home when they are unwell or wear masks when going out to minimize the spread of the disease.

The incidence of influenza in hospitals increased by 7 times in a month

A month ago, 520 people were being treated in hospitals for the flu, and 3,746 were being treated for the same reason last week, according to the UK’s National Health System (NHS) data.

While 267 hospitalized patients were in intensive care last week, the National Health Service warned that the rise in flu cases continues to put pressure on health services.

During the same period last year, hospitals were reporting 34 influenza cases daily and a bed occupancy rate of 86 percent, up from 93 percent this year.

NHS National Medical Director Prof. Dr. Sir Stephen Powys, in his statement on the rise in influenza, said:

“Unfortunately, this latest flu data shows that our fears about tweendemia have come true, with cases up 7-fold in just one month, and continued exposure to Covid-19 has hit healthcare workers hard.”

By the end of last month, the number of sick NHS employees had risen 20 percent from 52,556 to 63,296.

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