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The European Commission has announced that they are organizing a fundraising conference for areas affected by the earthquakes that killed more than 46,000 people, which occurred in Turkey and Syria on February 6, in Brussels on March 16. NATO also reported that containers were sent to Turkey to temporarily accommodate 4,000 people.

Assistance to earthquake zones in Turkey and Syria from the European Union and NATO, headquartered in Brussels, continues. European Commission spokeswoman Dana Spinant announced that they will hold a fundraising conference to which they planned to send aid to the regions of Turkey and Syria affected by the March 16 earthquake in Brussels.

Dana Spinant said the conference would be open to EU member states as well as neighboring countries, members of the United Nations, international financial institutions and “other stakeholders who wish to contribute or support the EU’s efforts.”

Containers NATO’than 4 bin

At a meeting of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s defense ministers last week, it was announced that work on container aid to Turkey had been completed and that containers that would provide temporary shelter for 4,000 people were on their way.

The delivery is the result of coordination between NATO Joint Forces Command Naples and the NATO Support and Supply Agency (NSPA), the statement said.

The organization’s joint civilian-military communications and intelligence task force is preparing the camp and coordinating logistics and local support, NATO said.

The Italian port of Taranto began unloading and loading operations on the weekend during non-working hours of the port. In addition, NATO coordinates the strategic air transport of tents from Pakistan to Turkey.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg traveled to Turkey on February 16, met with President Erdogan and other senior officials and delivered a message of solidarity with the Turkish people. Stoltenberg also visited areas affected by the earthquake.

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