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The United Nations (UN) has adopted a non-binding resolution calling on Russia to end the war in Ukraine. The passage of the bill is a strong signal for an end to the violence ahead of February 24, the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.

The bill, written by Ukraine in contact with its allies, was passed by 141 votes to 7. 32 member states abstained.

The UN General Assembly is the leading UN body for Ukraine. The reason for this is that Russia, one of the permanent members of the Security Council responsible for maintaining international peace and security, is in a state of lockdown due to its veto power over bills relating to Ukraine. Unlike the resolutions of the Security Council, the resolutions of the General Assembly are not binding, but serve as a scale reflecting the general opinion of the world community.

In addition to Russia, Belarus, Nicaragua, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea and Mali voted against.

There were slightly fewer votes than five previous resolutions approved by the 193-member UN General Assembly since Russia sent troops and tanks to Ukraine on February 24, 2022. A bill on the illegal annexation of Ukraine by Russia was passed in October with the approval of 143 member states.

Foreign ministers and diplomats from 75 countries spoke before the vote during the two-day speeches. Most of them asked for support for a bill that protects the protection of the territorial integrity of a member state, which is one of the main principles of the UN Convention.

The war claimed the lives of thousands of people in both countries and left Ukrainian cities in ruins. Rising inflation with rising food and fuel prices has affected the whole world.

Deputy Ambassador of Venezuela, 16 countries that voted against or abstained from almost all of the previous five resolutions on Ukraine; Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Laos, Mali, Nicaragua, North Korea, St. Petersburg. Vincent addressed the council on behalf of Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

While other countries are focused on Russia’s actions, Venezuelan Deputy Ambassador Joaquín Pérez Ayestaran said in a statement yesterday.
He meant the US and the EU, stating that all countries, without exception, must strictly abide by the UN Charter.

Ayestaran said the countries in his group were against “divisive actions” and “for a spirit of reconciliation” in the General Assembly.

European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, in a statement to journalists, said that the attacker and the victim should not be put in the same category.

However, Chinese Deputy Ambassador to the UN Dai Bing said in a statement to the UN General Assembly: “We support Russia and Ukraine in taking steps towards each other… The international community should work together to promote peace talks. “

China says it is neutral in the conflict and is in favor of peace talks, but does not criticize the occupation. Beijing also condemns US and allied sanctions against Moscow and military aid to Ukraine. In recent years, China and Russia have increasingly aligned their foreign policies to counter the US-led international order.

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