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Tensions escalated today in Iran’s second game at the World Cup as supporters of the Iranian government harassed protesters and stadium guards confiscated flags, T-shirts and other items.

In Qatar, stadium security prevented some fans from planting pre-revolutionary Iranian flags in a match against Wales at the Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium.

Pro-government Iranian supporters took the flags from the hands of those who carried the flags, while insulting supporters who wore T-shirts with the slogan “Women, Life, Freedom” – the slogan of the protest movement surrounding the country.

In contrast to their first game against England, the Iranian players sang their national anthem before the game, despite some fans in the stadium whistling and booing.

All eyes are on the national team for any statements or gestures regarding the nationwide protests that have been raging in Iran for weeks.

“Islamic Republic!” while fans shout “Women, life, freedom” outside the stadium. The screaming fans were in suspense.

Surrounding three different women who were interviewing foreign media about the protests outside the stadium, groups of men angrily shouted “Islamic Republic of Iran!” He blocked broadcasts by shouting slogans.

Many female fans looked shocked as Iranian government supporters yelled at them in Persian and took close-up shots on their phones.

Following Iran’s 2-0 victory, Iranian fans frantically poured out of the stadium, waving their national flags.

“Glory!” they shouted and chanted.

A 35-year-old woman named Meryem, who, like other Iranian supporters, declined to give her last name for fear of government retribution, burst into tears as others recorded her on camera. On the face of Meryem was written “Freedom of women’s life.”

Meryem and her friends wore caps bearing the name of former Iranian football player Voria Ghafuri, who was arrested in Iran yesterday on charges of criticizing the Iranian authorities and propaganda against the government. Meryem said supporters of the Iranian government have taken their hats off their heads.

Ghafuri, a Kurd, was one of the star players for the Iranian national team at the 2018 World Cup; however, he was not named to the national team for this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

Mustafa, a 40-year-old Iranian fan who declined to give his last name, said: “It is clear that this week’s match was very politicized. You can see people hating each other from the same country. also greatly influenced society in Iran.”

Angry protesters in Iran express their dissatisfaction with the social and political oppression and the mandatory headscarf by the state for women.

The demonstrations soon turned into calls for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. At least 419 people have died since the protests began, according to an Iranian human rights group.

The riots overshadowed the start of the FIFA World Cup campaign in Iran. In the first match against England earlier in the week, protests by anti-government fans in the stands were accompanied by banners and slogans.

Before the match, in which Iran was defeated 6-2, the players whose national anthems were played did not accompany the anthem and did not celebrate two goals scored. Today, the players sang along to the national anthem and stormily celebrated two goals against Wales.

After the match, Iranian state television aired patriotic songs and images of people cheering across the country.

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