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Japan announced the discovery of North Korean tests of a new ballistic missile, presumably an intercontinental one. It was stated that the launched rocket fell about 200 kilometers from the coast of Japan.

Japanese officials said the ICBM was determined to be capable of traveling enough distance to reach the United States from North Korea.

In addition to Japan, South Korea also announced that North Korea had been found to have conducted missile tests. North Korea also tested a short-range missile yesterday.

Japanese Defense Ministry officials said they believe the missile tested by North Korea was at an altitude of about 6,000 meters and had a range of about 15,000 kilometers.
The South Korean army also said that it was found that the missile was flying at an altitude of 6100 km at a speed of 1000 km per hour.

It was stated that after launching a missile at the Misaes airbase in the area where Japanese and American soldiers were located, she was ordered to go to secluded places.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said they had not received any damage or negative reports about the lawsuit, but said they could not allow such lawsuits to continue.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol also said he condemned the missile tests. The President called on the United States to cooperate more closely on security issues in the region.

North Korea conducted missile tests on November 3 in response to US and South Korean military exercises in the region.

Today’s test is considered the eighth ICBM test by North Korea this year. North Korea is making efforts to develop missiles that can reach the US mainland and carry nuclear warheads.

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