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Strong earthquakes that claimed thousands of lives in Turkey have also affected Syria. The Damascus administration announced the last death in the country as 1444.

The White Berets, an opposition emergency relief organization operating in Syria, said many buildings were demolished, especially in opposition-controlled areas, and that some were left under rubble.

The aid organization noted that the number of injured is 3,500 and they expect more casualties.

Noting that time is running out to rescue hundreds of families who are still trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings after the earthquake, the group said urgent help from international teams is needed for the rescue effort.

The quake, which particularly affected the country’s border with Turkey and cities to the northwest, was also strongly felt in the capital Damascus.

In Syria, especially in the north and northwest, there are about 4 million war-displaced people, many of whom live in buildings that have already been bombed.

Assistance to Syria from Iraq, Iran and Russia

The Syrian state agency SANA reported that planes carrying humanitarian aid from Iraq and Iran had reached Damascus International Airport.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Mehdi Ghanem told SANA that each plane is carrying about 70 tons of food, medicine, blankets and other essentials.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani announced yesterday that they will send relief supplies, emergency supplies and shelters, as well as medicine and fuel.

Iranian state media IRNA reported that Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahian told Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad that he would send humanitarian aid to the region.

The official Russian news agency TASS reported that yesterday Syrian President Bashar Esat had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and thanked him for offering assistance after the earthquake.

In a statement delivered on the Esat office’s Telegram channel, the Esat president thanked the Russian administration for this relief initiative and stated that Russia’s stance reflects the depth of relations between the two countries and peoples, as well as Russia’s support for Syria in the joint fight against terrorism. is a continuation,” it was said.

“Doctors Without Borders”: “We lost our employee during the earthquake”

On the other hand, Médecins sans Frontières, a medical aid organization, reported that its staff member was found dead in the ruins of his home in the Syrian province of Idlib. The group reported that other members of the organization also lost their families.

“We are deeply shocked and saddened by the impact this disaster has had on thousands of people, including our colleagues and their families,” said Sebastien Gay, head of the MSF mission in Syria.

Gay said medical facilities in northern Syria are overwhelmed with medical personnel working day and night to treat the large number of wounded.

Stating that the needs in northwest Syria are very high and that the earthquake has affected vulnerable people who are still struggling after years of war, Gay stressed the need for international assistance.

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