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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who resisted deportation from England and sent to the United States, where she was wanted for criminal offenses, has filed an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights.

Assange, 51, is wanted for 18 crimes in the US. One of them is a charge of espionage linked to Wikileaks, where Washington leaked secret US military documents and diplomatic correspondence, which Washington said threatened people’s lives.

The UK gave the green light to Assange’s deportation, but Assange has filed an appeal with the London High Court.

Assange’s legal team turned to the European Court of Human Rights, this time against England. It is believed that the court can block the deportation order.

In a statement, the court confirmed that Assange had received his statement.

Assange’s wife, Stella Assange, expressed her hope that the European Court of Human Rights would not need to consider the case and that the issue would be resolved in England.

Stella Assange noted that applying to the ECtHR would be sad and a big disappointment.

Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton, told Reuters earlier this week that he believes US officials are avoiding taking the case to the ECtHR and that the European press and public are more sympathetic to Assange’s cause than those in Britain and the US.

“I think the United States would like to avoid that,” Shipton said. “By asking Europe to make every sacrifice for the war in Ukraine, the United States is trying to deport a publisher for publishing revelations about the war.”

In January 2021, a British judge ruled that the Australian-born Assange should not be deported, saying his mental health indicated he could commit suicide if found guilty and sent to a maximum security prison.

However, this decision was overturned on appeal by American officials. The US gave guarantees to the UK in a statement. Among them was sending Assange to Australia to serve his sentence.

The deportation order was subsequently approved by the British Home Secretary in June.

WikiLeaks first gained attention in 2010 by releasing thousands of classified files and diplomatic correspondence in what was the largest security breach of its kind in US military history.

US prosecutors and Western intelligence officials consider Assange to be an “irresponsible enemy of the state” whose actions endanger the lives of intelligence officials named in leaked documents.

Assange’s supporters, on the other hand, see him as an anti-establishment hero who fell victim to exposing US mistakes in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and say his trial will be a political attack on journalism and free speech.

Assange spent the last seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid being sent to Sweden, where he was accused of sexual harassment. This charge was later dropped in Sweden.

However, Assange, who was expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy in 2019 for violating bail, was imprisoned in London.

Assange’s deportation case sparked a buzz in the mainstream media, which he worked with to publish the leaked material this week. These organizations called for the termination of the proceedings in an open letter.

On the other hand, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that he put the release of Assange on the agenda of the American authorities and wants the case to be closed.

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