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A US official, who asked not to be named, said the Chinese balloon, which was shot down after crossing US territory, was aimed at moving towards the autonomous island of Guam and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, but deviated from the route due to the wind.

China claims the balloon is for civilian research purposes, while America accuses China of using the balloon for surveillance purposes. The balloon flew to the Aleutian Islands, which is a continuation of the American state of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean, and from there to the central regions of Canada and America, and was shot down by the US Army on the coast of South Carolina on February 4th.

The fact that China flew over America in a balloon, and then the balloon was deflated by the United States, led to a further aggravation of US-China relations. Last week, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that he was postponing his visit to Beijing.

According to the Washington Post newspaper, the US army and intelligence agencies followed the balloon, which was launched from the island of Hainan on the southern coast of China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin did not answer at today’s regular briefing whether the balloon was scheduled to be delivered to Guam and Hawaii before making a detour. Wang reaffirmed China’s position that America should not “overreact”.

The US military recorded on Monday that they had collected critical electronic equipment, as well as large pieces of the balloon’s wreckage.

China has sharply criticized America’s response to the bubble

The Chinese parliament has criticized China’s adoption of a resolution condemning the entry of a suspected espionage balloon into US airspace and accused US congressmen of violating the sovereign rights of other countries.

The Foreign Relations Committee of the National People’s Congress released a statement today insisting on Beijing’s claim that the balloon is an unmanned civil meteorological research instrument. The United States, on the other hand, has denied China’s claims, citing the balloon’s route and the surveillance equipment it carries.

While China initially deplored the February 4 incident, it later hardened its rhetoric. This attitude has become a new indicator of how much relations between America and China have deteriorated in recent years.

China’s Foreign Ministry announced yesterday, without giving details, that it would impose sanctions on US institutions that had a hand in deflating the bubble.

The Chinese Foreign Relations Committee said the resolution, passed unanimously by the US House of Representatives, was intended to “deliberately exaggerate the ‘China threat'”.

The statement said the House decision was aimed at “malicious exaggeration and political manipulation” and “certain politicians in the US Congress have added fuel to the fire by fully revealing their insidious designs on China and control of China.” ”

The statement also contained the statement: “A country that interferes in the internal affairs of other countries for no reason, violates their sovereignty, and carries out surveillance of other countries, is in fact America.”

Some Chinese government departments have protested America’s solution to the balloon problem, accusing Washington of overreacting and violating “the spirit of international law.” Beijing did not specify which government agency or ministry the giant balloon belongs to. The remains of the balloon were sent to the FBI lab for analysis.

In addition to the draft resolution passed by Congress, the US decided to impose sanctions on six Chinese institutions associated with Beijing’s aerospace programs. Some; US Secretary of State Blinken’s trip to China; He thought it was aimed at stabilizing relations that had deteriorated over decades, such as trade, human rights, Taiwan, and China’s claims in the South China Sea. However, the sudden cancellation of the trip meant that this momentum, too, was frozen.

The US House of Representatives resolution condemns China for its “blatant violation” of US sovereignty and its “attempts to deceive the international community with false claims about its intelligence-gathering campaigns.”

US officials note that China operates a fleet of downed balloon-like aircraft, and that these cheap balloons are difficult to locate for intelligence gathering. The American government concluded that the balloon posed a minor threat to national security and was allowed to fly over continental America before the state of South Carolina was hit by a missile on the Atlantic coast.

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