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White House national security adviser Jack Sullivan said China has not yet provided Russia with arms support, but if it does, it will come at a high cost.

CIA Director William Burns also noted that America is confident that China is considering providing military support to Russia.

Jack Sullivan stated that China was told behind closed doors that this would have serious consequences.

“Beijing has to make its own decisions, but if it decides to provide support in the form of weapons, it will cost China dearly,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan made the announcement to American television CNN.

Jack Sullivan said US officials had privately warned Chinese officials about a possible price, but did not elaborate on those negotiations.

“USA for sure”

CIA Director William Burns said that America is confident that China is considering supporting Russia with weapons.

Burns made such a statement to the American television CBS.

“We are confident that the Chinese leadership is considering the supply of lethal weapons. We also do not see a final decision on this issue and do not see evidence of the supply of weapons, ”said the CIA director.

Last week, Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken accused China of considering taking such a step, with some senior US officials warning that there would be serious repercussions.

Burns also noted that this would be a very risky and unwise move.

Beijing denies the US allegations. According to China, America is increasing the scale of the war in Ukraine, and Beijing is in favor of peace and dialogue.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that America, not China, is laying down arms on the battlefield, and noted that Washington is not in a position to tell Beijing what to do.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also recently put forward a peace proposal, and Ukrainian President Zelensky said he might meet with Xi Jinping.

President Joe Biden also said that if China gives Russia military support, America will respond.

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