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PARIS. Mohammad Mouradi, 38, an Iranian immigrant living in Lyon, France, committed suicide to draw attention to the situation in his country, which for some time was shaken by anti-regime actions, and to support his people, who were the victims of the regime’s bloody repression.

Before committing suicide, Mouradi recorded a video in which he threw himself in front of the Rhone River. On Monday, December 26, Mouradi committed suicide by jumping into the Rhone River near the Lyon district of Perrache.

They couldn’t give up

Around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, passers-by saw a man about to jump into the water and tried to dissuade him from doing so, according to eyewitnesses. However, the man, who seemed very determined despite all his persuasion, jumped into the river and quickly drowned.

The fire brigades called to the place, together with a team of rescue divers, quickly began searching, but after more than half an hour of searching, they noticed the body of Mohammed Muradi stuck in the branches and carried him ashore. It was announced on the spot that the young man who tried to resuscitate him on the shore had failed and drowned.

Mohammad Mouradi, 38, an Iranian citizen, has been living in Lyon with his wife since 2019. Muradi, a history teacher, also worked in a restaurant.

The Attorney General’s Office of Lyon told Agence France-Presse yesterday that it had “launched an investigation into the cause of death, in particular in the light of reports published by the person concerned, to confirm the version of suicide.”

In a two-minute video in Persian and French that he posted on social media minutes before his decision to commit suicide, Muradi explains that he will commit suicide by jumping into the Rhone River to denounce the violence perpetrated by his country’s “Islamic government”. . “.

“It’s a challenge”

“The police are attacking people, we have lost many of our sons and daughters, we must do something,” he says in a very calm and determined voice:

“When you watch this video, I will be dead. I decided to commit suicide in the Rhone River, this is a challenge to show that the Iranian people are very tired of this situation.” The police attack people, many of our sons, daughters, teenagers, even our children have died, so something is wrong, something must be done. I decided to commit suicide in the Rhone River, this is a challenge to show that the Iranian people are very, very tired of this situation. We decided to change our country. We must support the Iranian people in their fight against the overly brutal police and government.”

memorable show

While the video that Mouradi left was viewed worldwide on social media as he crossed French borders, the event also received significant coverage in the French media.

The wake was held on the Gallieni bridge, where Muradi plunged into the water on Tuesday. “Those who wish can leave candles or flowers for this person who loves Iran,” the announcement of the action reads on social networks.

Speaking at the Galieni Bridge, computer engineer Timothy Amini, a spokesman for Iranians living in Lyon, said: “The voice of the Iranian people is not heard in the Western media. Mohammed Muradi committed suicide so that the voice of the revolution could be heard in Iran. look at what happens in Ukraine every morning, but you hear a lot about Iran. “We hear very little about it. It is very hard for us Iranians in the diaspora to live. Muradi’s heart beat for Iran, he could not stand this regime any longer.”

About 40 Iranians left candles, bouquets of roses and photos of Muradi on railings during the demonstration, which was followed by many journalists. The demonstrations chanted “We don’t commit suicide, we sacrifice ourselves for freedom” and “Long live freedom”.

For three months, Iran has been experiencing a wave of protests not seen since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. After the death of Mahsa Amini, who was detained for non-compliance with the rules of wearing a hijab, protests that arose with demands for women’s rights engulfed many cities of the country.

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