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PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron, who provoked a reaction from European countries, especially Ukraine, by talking about readiness for peace talks with Russia and providing “guarantees for Russia’s security”, cited Turkey and China as the reason for these statements.

Referring to the moment when the war between Ukraine and Russia ends and peace talks begin, Macron said: “I don’t want only the Chinese and the Turks to negotiate the next day.”

Speaking during a meeting between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and US President Joe Biden in Washington, Macron also expressed the opinion that “Ukraine’s NATO membership is impossible.”

Macron spoke to Le Monde, the Wall Street Journal and An-Nahar newspapers published in Lebanon on the plane upon his return to the country, following the “Stabilizing Iraq” conference he co-hosted with King Abdullah in Jordan in the shadow of the Ukraine war and summit Biden-Zelensky.

According to Le Monde News, Macron at the Biden-Zelensky meeting: “The US is doing a lot militarily and financially. This is a good development. put on the table to end this war,” he said. Stressing that Europe has done a lot for Ukraine, the French leader said that they are in close coordination with the United States.

Stating that the time had not yet come for diplomacy, Macron said: “Those who think the Russians are ready for a ceasefire and peace have seen that from the very beginning, Russia wanted capitulation, not peace. Today’s priority is to protect Ukraine, its absolute defense. We are in a victory strategy for Ukraine and, finally, a new one.” The text will be lined up. A negotiated solution is not a priority for the Russians, and the time will come. The priority today is to protect Ukraine, which we have been doing since day one.”

February 24 borders of the world

As for the issue of the inclusion of Crimea into Ukraine, which Biden tried not to raise at a meeting with Zelensky, Macron referred to the February 24 borders.

Regarding the reunification of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, Macron said: “The question of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity remains with the Ukrainians. At the center of today’s efforts are the territories captured by the Russians after February 24th. There is,” he said.

“I don’t want only the Chinese and Turks to negotiate”
Emphasizing that he has not given up on the idea of ​​negotiations with Moscow, and therefore efforts to reach a permanent peace agreement with Russia, Macron said:

“I have always been honest when I said that I do not believe that this conflict can only end by military means. I also see some strategy saying that the only solution is to destroy one of the two sides. I would like these people to explain to me how they want to move forward. Sooner or later everyone will have to gather around the table. And tell me, “All Europeans and Westerners who teach morality should explain to me who they are sitting at the table with. I don’t want the Chinese and Turks alone to negotiate the next day.”

“Accession to NATO is impossible”

Pointing to the importance of the issue of “security guarantees” for both opposing sides, Macron said that Moscow risks delaying its integration into NATO, which it has accelerated after annexing new territories through “so-called referendums.”

“Ukraine’s accession to NATO will be perceived by Russia as a confrontational step. This is unimaginable in today’s Russia. Whether or not Ukraine joins NATO, which is not the most likely scenario, it will have to be given much stronger security guarantees as it comes under attack from Russia.”

Emnuel Macron said that the issue of security guarantees goes far beyond the war in Ukraine: “First of all, we need to think about a security and stability architecture that would guarantee the security and stability of Ukraine, as well as Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. and the question of Belarus. We must restore the sovereignty of Ukraine, and we cannot think about the security of this region only within the framework of NATO. When I talk about guarantees, these are guarantees for all these countries and for us, but also guarantees for Russia. Without strategic autonomy in Europe, NATO. “Without our strategic independence within NATO and with NATO, but independent of NATO, there is no security architecture,” he said.

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