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A joint statement to be made at a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of 20 G20 developed countries in India failed to reach a consensus on Ukraine.

While the Treasury secretaries of the US and their G7 allies wanted Russia’s attack on neighboring Ukraine to be condemned in a joint statement, the Russian and Chinese delegations opposed the proposal. There was no consensus on this matter.

Russia, one of the G20 member countries, has opposed the definition of Ukrainian attacks, which it calls a special military operation, war or invasion.

Some diplomats who assessed the Reuters news agency said that the host country India does not support the inclusion of the word “war” in the final declaration. India, the future president of the G20, has tried from the beginning to take a neutral stance and seek a diplomatic solution to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

However, on the other hand, it is noteworthy that recently India has increased its purchases of oil from Russia.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Marie also assessed that at this stage it is impossible to take a step back from the statement of the G20 at the Bali summit last November that the majority of its members condemned the war in Ukraine. However, the French minister pointed out that some countries are approaching the situation differently.

“Either we speak the same language or we don’t sign the final declaration,” Le Marie said.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner also told reporters during the summit that the G20 should keep up with Russia’s previous announcement of attacks on Ukraine.

Officials say it is difficult at this stage to reach consensus on a final declaration due to objections from Russia and China.

The official also stated that if the final declaration is not released due to lack of consensus, India can make a statement as presiding officer as the final declaration.

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