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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky met with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in Mykolaiv today. The visit of the Prime Minister of Denmark to Nikolaev was recognized as remarkable in that the leader of a foreign state went to a region close to the front line of the Ukrainian war.

In a video released by the Ukrainian president, Zelenskiy can be seen shaking hands with Frederiksen on a snowy street. It was learned that the two leaders later went to the hospital to meet with the wounded soldiers.

In a message posted on the Telegram app, Zelensky said: “It is important that our fighters receive not only physical, but also psychological rehabilitation. I am grateful to all our health workers who care about the health of our defenders. speedy recovery to the injured.”

The leaders of the two countries also visited the Nikolaev Commercial Sea Port, where they saw Russian and SİHA missiles hit the oil storage facilities. Zelensky and Frederiksen also studied a water treatment and distribution plant here, which was launched with the help of the Danes.

Zelensky thanked Frederiksen for helping Denmark. The Danish Ministry of Defense announced in early January that it would transfer 19 French-made Caesar artillery systems to Ukraine.

Zelenskiy, who met with local authorities in Mykolaiv, which was frequently attacked by Russian troops during the occupation process that began 11 months ago, said: “This region resists all terrorist attacks. During the visit, I held a meeting about the current situation. in the region. We discussed the results of the SİHA attacks,” he said.

Zelensky noted that energy infrastructure and a long-term restructuring process in the region were also on the agenda of the talks.

Zelenskiy and Frederiksen then held a press conference in nearby Mykolaiv Odessa. Here, Zelenskiy warned of the possibility of further attacks from Moscow as the first year of occupation approaches.

“I think Russia is looking for a big revenge. I think they already started it. I don’t think they will be able to achieve a positive result for their society,” Zelensky said.

Zelenskiy said Russia had not stopped its forward attacks in eastern Ukraine and that the Russian private mercenary group Wagner was sending more fighters to the region.

France and Australia will produce artillery ammunition for Ukraine

France and Australia announced today their plans to jointly produce ammunition for Ukraine. After the Canberra government canceled plans to buy submarines from France two years ago, the two countries are keen to cooperate on defense and overcome the conflict that arose over the cancellation of the sale of submarines.

In August 2021, Australia chose to buy nuclear submarines made using American and British technologies and terminated the contract with France. For this reason, France blamed its allies for stabbing it in the back, and relations between France and Australia fell to their lowest point in history.

French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said the two countries have agreed to cooperate in helping Ukraine by producing “several thousand” 155mm artillery ammunition, expressing the hope that the supply of ammunition will begin in the first quarter of this year.

“British tanks will be delivered to the front in Ukraine before the summer”

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that the tanks donated by the UK to Ukraine would be delivered to the front lines before the start of the summer season, but did not give an exact date.

When asked in Parliament when the 14 Challenger tanks would be deployed to the battlefield, Wallace replied: “Until the summer or May. Probably closer to Easter.”

The UK Secretary of Defense noted that he could not disclose the schedule for training Ukrainian troops in the use of tanks for security reasons, but noted that training in the use of tanks would be carried out before training in their use in war. .

In a statement made by the UK last week, it was reported that the tanks would arrive in Ukraine from the end of March.

“Ukraine plans to invest $550 million in UAVs in 2023”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in a statement today that the Ukrainian army plans to spend about $550 million on SİHA in 2023, and 16 procurement agreements have already been signed with Ukrainian manufacturers.

Reznikov said in his Facebook post: “We are increasing the purchase of SIHV for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2023. We plan to allocate 20 billion hryvnias (547 million 50 thousand dollars) for this.”

To date, Ukraine has supplied a large number of UAVs and UAVs from its partners to the Norwegian-made Black Hornet reconnaissance UAVs, which weigh less than 33 grams than the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 equipped with missiles.

Kyiv is now seeking to increase its domestic production of UAVs and SİHA.

“The independence of the military-industrial complex is one of the elements of the country’s defense capability,” Reznikov said.

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