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The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched an investigation into suppliers of cough syrups and medicines that are estimated to have killed more than 300 children in three countries.

The organization said the syrups contained “unacceptable levels” of toxic substances and asked for more information about the specific raw materials six manufacturers in India and Indonesia use to make death-related drugs and whether the companies source them from the same suppliers.

The World Health Organization is considering whether families should be advised to reconsider the use of cough syrups for children in general, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed official. WHO experts are also examining data on whether and when syrups are needed for children for medical reasons.

Child mortality due to acute kidney disease first began in The Gambia in July 2022, followed by cases in Indonesia and Uzbekistan. The WHO said the death was linked to over-the-counter cough syrups children take for common illnesses that contain known toxic substances such as diethylene glycol or ethylene glycol.

To date, WHO has identified six pharmaceutical companies producing syrups in India and Indonesia. These manufacturers have so far either refused to comment on the investigation, or deny the use of toxic substances in drugs.

WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris, without commenting on the details of the work of the organization, said: “This issue is our top priority. We don’t want to see more child deaths than something preventable.”

Investigation expanded to 4 more countries

Yesterday, the UN World Health Organization announced that its investigation into potential diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol contamination of cough syrups has expanded to include four more countries where the same drugs may be sold. These countries were listed as Cambodia, Philippines, East Timor and Senegal.

In October 2022 and earlier this month, WHO issued specific warnings for cough syrups made by two Indian manufacturers, Maiden Pharmaceuticals and Marion Biotech. Syrups have been linked to fatalities in the Gambia and Uzbekistan, with warnings telling people to stop using them.

The Maiden and Marion manufacturing facilities were closed. Maiden is currently trying to restart operations after the Government of India announced in December that there were no problems in testing Maiden products.

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