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Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered the long-awaited speech. Putin once again blamed the West for the war in Ukraine. Putin promised to continue the conflict in Ukraine, which has been going on for a year.

In his speech, Putin blamed the US and NATO for the war in Ukraine, saying the alliance was fueling conflicts in the mistaken belief that it could defeat Moscow in a global conflict.

The Russian leader in Moscow addressed a large group, including military officials and members of parliament. Putin said they would see the matter through to the end.

The Russian leader claimed that his country had done everything to avoid war, but that Ukraine, backed by the West, was preparing to attack Crimea. Putin has hinted that Western countries are sowing the seeds of war in Ukraine, as in many other parts of the world, and pulling the genie out of the bottle.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

“The Ukrainian people became a hostage of the Kyiv regime and Western overlords who occupied the country politically, militarily and economically. They intend to turn a local conflict into a global confrontation. We understand this and will respond accordingly,” he said.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has stated that it is impossible to defeat his country and that they will never allow Western attempts to divide his country, and that the majority of Russians support the Ukrainian war.

Putin also promised financial assistance to the families of those killed in the war. Putin also asked participants, including businessmen, to contribute to this issue. Putin said that his country was going through a historical period and that everyone should take responsibility at this moment.
The Russian leader called these events events that will determine the future of his country and people.

The city of Bakhmut in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

Putin said that the West is also culturally attacking Russia. “They distort historical facts, attack the Russian Orthodox Church and our beliefs. See what they do to their people; “They destroy the cultural identity of the family, normalize perversions, child abuse, force priests to bless same-sex marriages,” he said.

The nuclear weapons treaty blames the US

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been highly critical of the United States. Claiming that the US is the country with the largest number of military bases in the world, Putin also accused the US administration of an agreement to reduce nuclear weapons.

In his speech, Putin said: “I want to emphasize this; No country in the world has as many military bases in other countries as the United States. He has hundreds of military bases around the world. In addition, the whole world saw that they had withdrawn from the agreement on intermediate-range nuclear forces and from the main agreements on disarmament. They unilaterally violated the treaties protecting world peace. “The reason they did it was because they saw what they were capable of,” he said.

“At this point, I must announce that Russia has suspended its participation in the START Treaty,” Putin said in his speech.

The Russian leader also referred to US-led sanctions against them and said those who imposed the sanctions were actually punishing themselves.

“Those who impose sanctions punish themselves. They caused an energy crisis, rising prices and job losses. But they stand up and tell their people that it is Russia’s fault. “The Russian economy is much more resilient than the West thinks,” he said.

Vladimir Putin also referred to the recent increase in agricultural production in his country and stressed that they have reached previously unimaginable levels of agricultural production.

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