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The International Red Cross Organization said it could take years to recover from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The organization’s spokesman, Xavier Catellanos Mosquera, urged countries to coordinate with Turkey and Syria to make the relief effort as effective as possible.

Mosquera said he would not only support search and rescue efforts, but long-term assistance would also be needed.

Noting that search and rescue efforts are important in the early hours of an earthquake, Mosquera stressed that the impact of an earthquake will last for several months and recovery could take years.

Noting that the number of dead and injured is increasing hourly, Mosquera also drew attention to the injuries caused by the elements.

Stating that each aftershock increases people’s anxiety, Mosquera said it increases the trauma in society.

Mosquera said the most important priority is to reach the areas affected by the earthquake, and noted that this creates great difficulties, especially in Syria.

Noting that winter conditions are another challenge, Mosquera said this further exacerbates the housing problem and makes access to hard-to-reach areas even more difficult.

Although the death toll from the Kahramanmaras earthquake, which has become the deadliest in Turkey since 1999, is approaching 5,000, it is argued that thousands of people could remain under the rubble.

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