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The United States and South Korea are holding joint air exercises for the second time in a week to test their latest combat aircraft. North Korea, on the other hand, continues to vehemently oppose the exercises and claims they are adding to tensions in the region.

The South Korean army said in a statement that aircraft belonging to the US and South Korean air forces conducted another exercise today over the sea in the western Korean peninsula. South Korean military aircraft F35A and US military aircraft F-35B and F-22 took part in the exercises.

“The air forces of the two countries will continue to demonstrate their strong capabilities to prepare for and respond to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats through joint exercises,” the statement said.

In 2022, North Korea conducted a record number of missile tests despite UN resolutions. In addition, he was seen to have opened a nuclear weapons testing center, which was again closed in violation of UN resolutions. The situation has also heightened expectations that North Korea will resume nuclear weapons testing, which had been suspended since 2017.

The North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement yesterday saying that the drills organized by the US and South Korea have reached a red line crossing point for them. The statement said the drills risked turning the Korean Peninsula into a huge weapons cache and a dangerous battlefield.

The statement, released by North Korea’s official news agency, blames the Washington administration and claims that the United States is pursuing a hostile policy. The statement said that in a situation where this continues, North Korea will not be ready for dialogue with Western countries.

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