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UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Assistance Martin Griffiths held talks in Kahramanmaras, which was hit by an earthquake today.

“What I saw today in Turkey was devastating,” Griffiths said, calling for urgent international assistance to meet humanitarian needs.

On his social media account, the UN spokesman shared videos and photos of him walking through the ruins and visiting earthquake victims in a tent city.

“Deeply shocking experience”

“It’s a deeply shocking experience to see this crash and think there are bodies and possibly people in the wreckage that are still alive,” Griffiths said in a video he posted from the front of the crash.

Emphasizing the importance of continuing the operation to save those who may still be alive, Griffiths noted that more than 130 countries have sent search and rescue teams, dogs, experts and coordinators to the region.

Call to humanitarian organizations

The UN representative continued:

“In the near future, search and rescue teams will be replaced by humanitarian organizations, which will take care of an extremely large number of victims in the coming months. For this reason, we will turn to both Turkey and Syria for help. And I hope that we will see the immediate response to humanitarian needs that we have seen from organizations helping to save those who live in these cities.”

Martin Griffiths also shared on his social media account about his field investigations throughout the day.

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