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The Spanish government said that a passenger plane flying from Morocco to Turkey made an emergency landing at Barcelona’s El Prat airport at 01:10 after midnight today, and a group of 28 immigrants on the plane tried to leave the runway.

The government said police detained 14 people, including a pregnant woman. Another 14 people have not yet been found. Authorities said the plane made an emergency landing after a pregnant woman reported she had given birth.

The five detainees were returned to the Pegasus Airlines plane, while eight passengers will be deported to Morocco. Information about the actions to be taken in the event of the detention of other persons is not disclosed.

The government noted that the pregnant woman was checked in the hospital and found that she was not going to give birth.

The aircraft was carrying 228 passengers from Casablanca to Istanbul. Pegasus Airlines has not yet issued a statement regarding the incident.

Last October, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, a group left the runway under the pretext of an emergency landing of the plane, while 12 passengers were arrested, 12 of them fled.

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