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In Venezuela, where 47 percent of the population earns less than $67 a month, a growing number of young people are unable to study because of economic disadvantages or are dropping out of school because of low wages.

In a country where mandatory kitchen expenses for a family of five are $460 a month, college graduates earn a monthly salary of $150-$200 in the private sector.

According to the Encovi Living Conditions Survey, conducted by various universities, 37 percent of young people aged 15 to 29 in the country are neither studying nor working.

According to the study, 39 percent of young people aged 18 to 24 in Venezuela who dropped out of school believe that studying will not improve their living conditions; 28 percent had to work; 13% could not pay for schooling; 19% left their education incomplete because they needed it at home.

Speaking to the Turkish Voice of America, economist Dilio Hernandez noted that 40 percent of young people are dropping out of school, for example, the number of students at the Central University of Venezuela, one of the largest universities in the country, has decreased from 40 thousand to 15-20 thousand.

Dilio Hernandez

Saying that the problem of access to education has worsened in a country where 90 percent of people cannot even afford the cost of a kitchen, Hernandez said that a significant proportion of low-income young people have dropped out of school to earn a living or contribute. family budget, and some went to another country.

Hernandez said that of the 7 million Venezuelans who have immigrated in the last 7 years, 60 percent are in the productive population aged 15 to 49: “This situation will happen in the short term, such as a decline in the working population. in the country, the growth of the informal economy, the loss of tax revenues, the reproduction of poverty and the lack of skilled labor leads to impossible results,” he said.

The country’s undocumented employment rate is 44%, according to Encovi research. Hundreds of thousands of young people working without any social security earn an average of $142.3 per month in the informal economy.

The study notes that public sector workers earn an average of $113.3 per month, while private sector workers earn $149.8 per month.

According to the country’s NGOs, one in four Venezuelans needs humanitarian assistance.

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