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New Chinese Prime Minister Li ChangLi, nominated by Chairman Xi, received the votes of 2,936 delegates to 3 votes against and 8 abstentions in the General Assembly of the National People’s Congress.Li Chang became the new Prime Minister of China. Nominated by Chairman Xi Li received votes of 2,936 delegates against 3 votes and 8 abstentions in the vote held at the General Assembly of the National People’s Congress of ChinaBeijing (AA) – People’s Republic of China New Chinese Prime Minister Li Chang, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party (CCP) , became the former Shanghai party secretary. At the 1st General Assembly of the 14th National People’s Congress (NCP) in the capital, President Xi Jinping nominated Li for the premiership. Li, the country’s highest legislative body, was elected prime minister with 2,936 votes to 3 against and 8 abstentions at the CSC’s general meeting. morning, in which he was the only candidate. Signed the Decree. – Former Prime Minister Li Qiqiang resigned his post after 10 years. -2023 Li Qiqiang, the Prime Minister, handed over the post to his successor. Former Prime Minister Li left the seven-member Standing Committee, the Party’s highest governing body, at the 20th National Congress of the CPC in October 2022. , on the other hand, entered the Standing Committee at the CPC Congress for the first time, was elected and rose to the 2nd rank in the party protocol after General Secretary Xi. Li Chang, 63, was born in Ruyen District, Wingkou City, Zijiang Province, and studied at the Central Party School. He received an MBA from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Joining the CCP in 1983, Li worked for the county, provincial and provincial party organizations of Zijiang Province. Li, who was general secretary of the provincial party committee when Chairman Xi was Jiang’s party secretary from 2002-2007, had a close working relationship with him. and in 2017-2022, Li, Shanghai Party Secretary, was elected to the CPC Standing Committee in 2022. Elected by the National People’s Congress on the recommendation of the President as Prime Minister, Li will continue to serve for the next 5 years. Elections were held for the military administration and supreme judiciary, and General Cang Yushia and General Hui Weidong of the People’s Liberation Army of China were elected vice-chairmen of the Central Military Council, with Xi Jinping elected chairman for the third time. together with the president yesterday, while General Li Shangfu, gen. Al Liu Jinli, Admiral Miao Hua and General Cang Shingmin were appointed, Liu Qingguo was elected chairman of the National Inspection Commission, Cang Cun was elected chairman of the Supreme People’s Court, and Ying Yong was elected chief prosecutor of the Supreme People’s Court. Prosecutor’s office.

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