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According to a UNICEF study, two out of three children aged 1 to 14 in Latin America experience domestic violence. There are 23,700 child homicides in the region every year.

A study conducted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the categories of physical and psychological abuse, sexual abuse and fatal violence against children shows that the most dangerous region in the world for children is Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today, of the 187 million children in Latin America, 73 million live at home, and 7 million live in countries where school violence is not criminalized.

According to Esther Ruiz, a child protection specialist at UNICEF Latin America who was contacted by the Turkish Voice of America, factors that make the region dangerous for children include easy access to weapons, the prevalence of gangs involved in all types of illegal activities, including drugs , bribery, the adoption of child protection laws or there are many factors, such as shortcomings in their application.

23,700 child homicides per year

UNICEF study shows that at least 12.6 out of every 100,000 children are killed in Latin America, boys are almost 7 times more likely to be killed than the global average, and homicide is the leading cause of death for adolescents aged 10 to 19 .

According to the report, the countries in the region with the highest child homicide rates are Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil and Colombia, respectively.

“The good news is that child murder is preventable.”

Saying that child murders can be prevented if the necessary precautions are taken, Ruiz said of the process by which the number of child murders in Brazil, which was 33 per day, dropped to 20 per day in three years: “In Brazil, for the first time, we have strengthened legal guarantees for children. We have campaigned in the media. We have established local committees and established direct relationships with the relevant ministries. The work done has reduced the number of murders,” he says.

Speaking about how reducing the level of violence against children in Latin America, the most dangerous region of the world, will reduce the level of violence, the expert said: “All studies show that violence breeds violence. To keep children safe in Latin America, we need to scale up programs to protect them from all forms of violence in homes and schools and reduce the perception that guns are a problem solver. One way to do this is to change social norms and patriarchal attitudes that lead adults and children to violence. To this end, it implements programs of economic, social and psychological support for parents and guardians; for example, we tell them about positive parenting.”

Schools are strategic

According to the study, Suriname is the country with the highest levels of violence against children in the region. In Haiti, where domestic violence is not prohibited, eight out of ten children are physically abused. In the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, a quarter of girls are sexually assaulted before the age of 18.

“Schools are one of the best places to identify, protect and care for child victims of violence. Violence against children can be prevented through a range of strategies and special measures that must be implemented in schools.”

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