Derya Yanik, Minister of Family and Social Services, visited the Ukrainian victims of the war, mainly 34 unaccompanied children aged 0 to 6, 25 caregivers and 11 children of caregivers who are in Ankara’s Eryaman orphanage complex on New Year’s Eve. Minister Yanyk, who hugged and kissed children who were trying to survive in a different geography thousands of kilometers from their country, unaware of the war, donated toys. Sharing the joy of the children who bought the toys, Minister Yanık cut the cake with them and also distributed gifts to them by visiting a class where older children are learning Turkish. The children responded to Minister Yanyk with the Turkish words they learned and thanked him, we are trying to create such conditions in accordance with the needs of education. We follow the process of adaptation and play for the little ones, observing sleep, nutrition and health, as well as the process of learning Turkish for adults and our teenage children, adapting and continuing their education.” Minister Janick had this to say about when the children will return to their country: “These children are guests here. Turkey has continued its solution-oriented mediation activities since the beginning of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Our desire is to put an end to this conflict as soon as possible and ensure the return of these children to their countries, to their homes, but until this solution is found, of course, our duty is to ensure the safety of our children and the “Thousand 7 Ukrainians in Turkey Derya Yanik said that since March 2022, when the war began in Ukraine, a total of 1,697 Ukrainians, including 1,195 children and 502 companions, have been accommodated in Antalya, Sakarya and Ankara. He even informed us that a foster care decision had been made for one of our children who was here with us and that he would return. there are 1.7 citizens of Ukraine, including 759 children and 248 adults Minister Yanik said: “Since we cannot predict how long the war will last, we are building orphanages for children to create places where they can better adapted and suitable for their psychosocial support. These are places that have already been built for this purpose. After we make them, we will make sure that our children are in more comfortable and more suitable conditions. he said.

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