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Bulgarian Minister of Tourism Ilyin Dimitrov said that Turkey is his country’s priority partner in the field of tourism.

According to the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA), Dimitrov spoke at the “International Business and Investment Forum” organized by the InvestBulgaria agency in Istanbul.

Pointing to the importance of the forum, Dimitrov said: “I believe that today’s event is a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our peoples, including in the field of tourism, which is one of the most important sectors of the Bulgarian economy. .” said.

Stating that “Turkey is Bulgaria’s main partner in this sector” and that the importance of bilateral relations will become more concrete in the face of current difficulties, Dimitrov noted that many useful developments have taken place in recent years, during which constructive contacts have been established. .

Noting that in two weeks Istanbul will host the 4th meeting of the Joint Bulgarian-Turkish Tourism Committee, Dimitrov said: “Turkey is among the top three in terms of the number of tourists coming to Bulgaria in recent years. These figures clearly show that the market has a very serious dynamics. However, it is important to note that there is still significant development potential.” said.

Dimitrov announced that from February Bulgaria will become a tourism attache in Turkey.

Noting that the upcoming direct flight between Istanbul and Plovdiv (southern Bulgaria) is the best example of fruitful diplomacy, Dimitrov said: “Working in a more productive information environment will also play an important role. in establishing new cultural ties between our two friendly peoples. Tourism and more. I am very happy to be here with our colleagues and a sector that has found integration with the economic sphere.” gave his assessment.

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