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CARACAS. A delegation of 105 businessmen, officials and corporate representatives, which arrived in the capital of Caracas, chaired by Minister of Commerce Mehmet Mus, is negotiating to increase bilateral trade.

Commerce Minister Mehmet Mus, who came to Caracas with a delegation of more than a hundred people to increase trade with Venezuela, spoke at the meeting “Multi-sectoral trade mission Turkey-Venezuela”, which was attended by Turkish businessmen and representatives of Venezuelan private and public companies. one-on-one meetings.

Noting that they ended 2022 with 4 mutual official visits, 9 new agreements and a trade volume that reached $1.1 billion, the minister noted that the volume of bilateral trade, which has increased 4 times over the past three years, should increase to $3 billion. in the short term and $5 billion in the medium term.

Stating that Turkey has taken decisive steps to improve its relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, Musch noted that they have implemented agreements with Venezuela that provide tax incentives to thousands of goods in trade, and that they hope to sign “an agreement on mutual promotion and protection “. investment”, negotiations on which were concluded recently.

Noting that Turkey wants to develop its trade relations with Venezuela in all sectors of the economy, from agriculture to tourism and from technology to energy, the minister also published an article titled “Economic and commercial cooperation between Turkey and Venezuela will continue to develop.” in the newspaper El Universal, known for its closeness to the government.

Mus also held meetings with Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, Science, Technology, Education and Health Minister Gabriela Jimenez and Tourism Minister Ernesto Paredes.

“After China, Turkey has the highest exports”

Speaking at the event, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez noted that the event was the largest business forum that Venezuela has seen in recent years.

Noting that their exports to Turkey increased by 25 percent last year and reached $691,251,000, Rodriguez noted that imports from Turkey amounted to $336,342,000. Vice President Venezuela’s most important export is metal; stated that it includes food in its imports.

Pointing out that while the volume of trade between the two countries seems low, it is important for Venezuela, which has lost $232 billion in oil revenue over the past five years due to sanctions, he said it was of strategic importance.

Declaring that the seven free zones defined in Venezuela are in the service of Turkish investors, the vice president said that there are serious investment opportunities in his field in the fields of energy, mining, tourism, industry, forestry, agriculture, logistics, fisheries and aquaculture. country.

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