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Mexico, one of the first countries to take part in the search and rescue work that began the day after the earthquake, is known as one of the important teams not only in Latin America but also in the world due to its experience and success in earthquakes in different parts of the world.

Paula Diaz, coordinator of the Mexican search and rescue team Topos Adrenalina Estrella, who arrived in Hatay on Feb. 8 and began work in the earthquake area with 50 people assigned to them, said that despite 37 years of experience, she had difficulty believes in the scale of destruction, loss of life and property that she saw in Turkey.

Diaz, who was contacted by VOA Turkish, said: “The size of the earthquake zone and the fact that people were sleeping during the first earthquake are variables that increase the number of deaths and injuries. However, an important factor is the use of scarce and low-quality materials in construction. No one survived the rubble we approached. They all died because they were under the collapsed building,” he said.

Paula Diaz

Stating that shortcomings in the earthquake preparedness point also contributed to the rise in the disaster level, Diaz said: “We saw that Turkey did not learn the necessary lessons from previous disasters despite being in the earthquake zone. For example, a serious drawback is the lack of an earthquake warning system.”

“It is unacceptable that the death of people has reached such a level”

Noting that there are always improvements that can be made to mitigate risks, the expert said, by raising awareness of whether the fault line passes through areas where zoning permits are issued in the first place, the state allocates more resources to preventive measures, control materials used during the construction of buildings and structures, and the fulfillment of legal obligations in full. declared the need for further work on its implementation.

Diaz said: “It is unacceptable to have so many victims because of not knowing what to do during and after an earthquake. The earthquake warning system is especially important,” he said.

“The building was destroyed, the number of dead and injured is very high”

Marco Erandez, head of the Mexican Red Cross’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team, which supports search and rescue efforts in Adiyaman, said the toughest topics are the cold weather, communication problems and authorities’ demands for the removal of bodies found.

Speaking to VOA, Hernandez said: “The fact that we were able to pull some of the earthquake victims out of the rubble increased our credibility. Now, every time a sound was heard from under the dent, we were approached and asked to check with our dogs and technical devices. Despite the large number of destroyed buildings and the number of victims, it is important that emergency services continue to work. For example, many of the people we rescued from the rubble of the Haiti earthquake died due to problems with hospitals or ambulances,” he said.

Among the events that most affected Hernandez were her mother’s gratitude for saving her daughter for her dogs and for herself; a 13-year-old girl who survived alone, waiting day and night for her family at the wreckage; He says that the father, who was delivered 4 bodies, returned immediately after the burial of their bodies and thanked the team members in turn.

The Mexican expert said that in addition to problems with housing and food for people, it is necessary to provide psychological assistance to the victims of the earthquake as soon as possible.

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