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Meeting of Chinese and US defense ministersWei Fenghe, who was in Cambodia to attend the 9th ASEAN Expanded Defense Ministerial Meeting (ADMM-Plus), met with Austin at the invitation of the American side.While briefing Austin on the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Wei recalled that Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden met at the 17th G20 Leaders Summit and reached a series of common agreements that formed the basis for the development of bilateral relations. Pointing out that the US side, not China, is responsible for the problems that US relations are facing, Wei said that China attaches great importance to bilateral military relations, but that the US should respect China’s core interests. that they expect him to pursue a rational Chinese policy in accordance with common understanding. On the Taiwan issue, Wei stressed that the Taiwan issue is at the center of China’s core interests. relations, Wei said that Taiwan is part of China’s territory, and the Taiwan issue, that its solution is China’s business, and that no outside power is involved in this problem. Wei confirmed that the Chinese army has enough will, strength, self-confidence and ability to defend the unification of the motherland. The parties agreed that it is necessary to make efforts to maintain regional security and stability by maintaining contacts between the armies of the two countries. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tang Kefei praised the two ministers’ meeting at a press conference today. Appreciating the bilateral meeting as sincere, deep, realistic and constructive strategic contact, he said both sides agreed on the need to maintain stability in military relations.

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