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In protests that began after the death of a young woman after being detained by police in Iran, 5 of the 16 people on trial for the murder of a security guard on November 3 were sentenced to death.According to Iranian state television, a spokesman for the Iranian judiciary Messud Setayesi, held a press conference in the capital Tehran. Mahsa EminiAsked about ongoing lawsuits over events that broke out during the protests that began after the death. No one was arrested for the protests. Only rebels who disturbed public order and acted against the security of the country were investigated, and some of them were arrested. Declaring that the trial of 16 people over the stabbing of Revolutionary Guards militia member Besic in an attack on security forces in the city of Kerek outside Tehran on November 3, Setayeshi said:“Five defendants were sentenced to death for causing harm on the ground by attacking guards and disturbing the peace.” Stating that the court had sentenced the other 11 defendants in the same case to “long-term imprisonment”, Setayeshi claimed that three of the defendants were under 18 years of age. Court decisions are open and subject to appeal.

“We are looking for solutions to the mandatory wearing of the hijab”

When asked about the mandatory hijab debate, Setayeshi stated that the matter should be decided by the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, and said, “The hijab debate has a history and we believe we should all protect our own values ​​and be sensitive.” to these values. We are looking for solutions to the handkerchief problem.” During demonstrations on November 3 in the city of Kerets, Elborz province, a Besich militia member named Ruhulla Atsemyan was stabbed to death, 5 guards were injured, two of them seriously.Mesud SetayesiMesud Setayesi

Demonstrations and death sentences in Iran

A 22-year-old man was taken to hospital after being taken into custody by Irshad patrols, known as the “vice police”, in Tehran on September 13. Mahsa EminiThe death of the BC on September 16 led to protests against the country’s leadership. Commander of the Air Force of the Army of the Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Emir Ali HajizadeIn his speech on November 29, he said that more than 300 people, including security forces, died during protests that have been going on in the country for about 2.5 months. On December 3, Iran’s Security Council announced that the total death toll had exceeded 200. On the other hand, the Norwegian-based Iranian Human Rights Institution (HRI) said in a report released on November 29 that 448 protesters were killed in street demonstrations following the death of Mahsa Emini by security forces. More than 60 guards were killed during the demonstrations, according to national media reports. A spokesman for the judiciary announced on 8 November that 1,024 people had been indicted in connection with the events that took place during the demonstrations. Turkey. Death sentences should be upheld by the Supreme Court. Head of the Judiciary Ghulam Hussein Muhsini Ejay, He announced that the sentences of some of the six men on death row had been upheld by the Supreme Court and they would soon be executed. According to Iran’s penal code, those who commit crimes such as “disturbing public order, wreaking havoc on the world and waging war against the state” are sentenced to death.

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