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After earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 that affected 10 provinces of Kahramanmarash, relief campaigns were launched with calls for help made by many non-governmental organizations around the world.

The program, which will start at 12:00 noon on the official television of Kuwait, will organize a campaign to help victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria on the theme “Kuwait is with you.”

Kuwait’s Minister of Social Affairs and Social Development and Muhendislik Mei Al-Bagli, Minister of State for Women and Children’s Affairs, told their country’s news agency KUNA that the relief campaign was carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Nawaf. al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah. He said it was planned later.

Noting that the aid campaign will be broadcast on Kuwait’s official television with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information, Bagley said the campaign will run from 12:00 to 00:00.

Qatari TV yesterday also organized a campaign to help victims of the earthquake called “Help and Support”.


Colombians participated in the campaign to help those in need in the earthquake in Kahramanmaras, which was called the “catastrophe of the century.”

The aids delivered to the building of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) are carefully packed by staff and volunteers.

Colombian citizens showed great interest in the action and in a short time brought hundreds of parcels to the TIKA building. When TIKA’s capacity was full due to intensive assistance, the delivered parcels were sent to the Turkish Embassy in Bogotá.

Colombian Carmen Lopez, who has made various donations, said in a statement to an AA correspondent that she was very upset by what happened: “It is very important that people feel supported at this difficult and sad time, what happened there made a strong impression on me. a lot, I wish you the strength to endure. used the phrase.

Flower Mater, who could not hold back her tears as she described her feelings, said: “It could have happened to any of us, I say this from the bottom of my heart, I was very upset by what happened. I hope many good people with good hearts help.” he said.

Bernardo David, who donated the clothes, said they were here in solidarity with Turkey and said: “A similar incident happened to my family during the 1983 Popayane earthquake. We do this help with great love and love. more. We pray to the Creator that the destruction be overcome as soon as possible.” said.

US charities organized fundraising campaigns

In the aftermath of the earthquakes, which Turkey called “the catastrophe of the century,” many US-based NGOs called for cash and in-kind assistance from day one.

Global Giving, which provides support to non-profit organizations, has reached over $1,353,000 in cash so far, with more than 12,000 American citizens contributing to that amount.

“Your donation to the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund will provide immediate relief and accelerate long-term reconstruction efforts in Turkey and Syria,” the organization, which has previously donated to earthquakes in Afghanistan, Nepal and Mexico, said in a statement. statement has been included.

The American chapter of the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (OXFAM), which operates in 66 countries, also announced that it has teams in Turkey and Syria that pay special attention to the needs of women and children quake survivors.

OXFAM, which has been operating continuously since 1970 and operating under the motto “fighting global inequality,” reports on its website that earthquake images from Turkey are transmitted to the center with a team of 50 engineers to assess the durability of buildings hit by the earthquake in northern Syria.

A press release from the Boston institution notes:

“To begin with, we plan to provide financial assistance to 2,000 IDP families in northern Syria for temporary housing and hygiene products. Earthquakes themselves are a disaster. People in Syria are already struggling to survive despite a 10-year civil war. , Turkey There are currently 1.8 million Syrian refugees in the devastated southern region.”

In the announcement of a fundraising campaign launched in the earthquake area, the United Nations International Children’s Fund emphasized that “especially in Syria, it prioritizes water, hygiene and nutrition, and helps unaccompanied children find their families.”

He drew attention to the size of the aftershocks

Helping Poor Communities II. The relief organization CARE, founded in 1945 at the end of World War II, highlighted the severity of two major earthquakes and aftershocks in Kahramanmaras, 9 hours apart.

“Aftershocks are as effective as some of the strongest earthquakes that have occurred in these regions in 100 years. Thousands of people died, and the survivors found themselves outside in freezing temperatures. Hurry for your life-saving help, ”the announcement of the organization for assistance to survivors of the earthquake reads. in Turkey and Syria said. expressions were used.

CARE said that in addition to cash donations, donations such as food, housing, hygiene products and winter clothing will also be accepted.

Another US affiliate, Save the Children, which posted images of the earthquake on its corporate web pages, also announced the creation of an emergency fund for children affected by the earthquake.

“Our teams are on the ground and ready to respond in the area. Homes, buildings and basic infrastructure have been destroyed and the children will need urgent assistance to access food, shelter and warm clothing,” the written statement said. He indicated how urgent the situation was.

The Connecticut-based foundation said it prioritizes “children who are always at greatest risk in any crisis.”

Muslim aid organizations have also entered the race for help.

Baitulmaal, a Muslim relief organization in Texas, said in a written statement today that it has “sent $5.35 million in aid to quake-hit Turkey and Syria” and more are on the way.

The message indicated that the first two medical shipments, consisting of 7 containers, arrived to the victims of the earthquake.

The Michigan-based Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) Foundation, which set a $5 million target for earthquake relief in Turkey, also shared that its teams arrived in Turkey just days after the disaster and that they are on To date, food aid has been provided to more than 12,000 victims.

In addition, the relief campaign launched by ZAKAT, IMANA, Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid USA and many Muslim organizations in the US for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria continues.

On the other hand, the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest Muslim human rights and human rights organization in the United States, have announced in their latest statements that absentee funeral prayers and meetings at mosques will take place after Friday prayers for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. He called on him to help the earthquake victims.

The Washington-based Islamic organization yesterday urged the American public and the US government to step up support for the efforts of humanitarian organizations helping earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

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