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The quakes also affected the Chilvegözü border gate, which is used by the United Nations (UN) to bring humanitarian aid from Turkey to northern Syria. Due to damage on the roads in Chilvögözü, the border gate could not be used for some time to provide assistance after the earthquake.

At a joint press conference with Libyan Foreign Minister Nekla el-Mengush in Ankara, Cavusoglu was asked about the issue and the claim that “there is an influx of Syrians into Turkey from the border.”

Cavusoglu said that as the roads to Gilvegözü were repaired, the number of UN trucks and humanitarian aid passing through there increased every day, adding that “there is a massive influx of refugees from Syria into Turkey” and “border gates have been opened in areas controlled by the PKK and YPG.” He denied.

Cavusoglu noted that because of the unrest in Gilvegözü, they conveyed to the international community and the UN that humanitarian aid could be delivered through two Turkish-controlled gates in Kilis.

“The number of trucks passing through Chilvegözü is increasing day by day”

Pointing out that Syria was also affected by the earthquake, Cavusoglu said:

“Those affected by the earthquake there (Syria) are also dying. Therefore, part of this assistance comes directly from the air, and we open our airspace for these aircraft. the gate has been damaged for many years and is currently being repaired and the number of trucks passing through here, the number of trucks carrying UN humanitarian aid, is they are repaired, the number increases.during this period, there are two gates in Kilis that are under our control, to the international community and the UN: “We said that they can send humanitarian aid through this door as well. In other words, we told humanitarian aid that we can open these doors, for now, open the doors for humanitarian aid so that we can force them to use it. That’s all”.

“The claim about the influx of refugees is not true”

Regarding the allegations, Mevlut Cavusoglu said, “There can be no question of opening doors in areas controlled by the PKK and YPG. true.”

Stressing that the aforementioned doors have been open for UN humanitarian aid for many years, and this is also stated in the UN Security Council resolution, Cavusoglu said: “Other doors are one-sided. In other words, humanitarian aid is being delivered. The fact that these doors are open does not mean that Syrians will be intensively coming from here to our country. “It is not very good intentions to spread false and deceitful information with new versions every day, although we have explained it many times. What we are It is very clear and unambiguous. No one should take it elsewhere or play with the feelings of our people. At this time we should all focus together on the area of ​​the earthquake and the victims of the earthquake,” he said.

“There is no need for an American warship to enter Turkish territorial waters”

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu denied the allegations against the US warship in a statement in Hatay yesterday. Minister Cavusoglu said: “There are always warships in the Eastern Mediterranean, they come and go. We do not decide who will have a ship in international waters, but we decide who will not enter Turkish territorial waters. USA too. Even if such a request comes, there is no need for it, we do not allow it, there is no need,” he said.

Cavusoglu said some countries, including Greece, may send cruise ships to the region for tourism purposes, and that people whose homes have been destroyed are encouraged to stay on ships until May and June. There is no such requirement,” he said.

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