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The European Union of Kayseri Residents offered ravioli they had prepared in favor of the victims of the earthquake at Cologne’s DITIB Central Mosque to be sold to the community coming out of Friday prayers.

At an event organized for the benefit of earthquake victims, DITIB Chairman Dr. Muharrem Kuzey, European Union Kayseriliers President Muzaffer Polat and DITIB board member Irfan Saral approached the pot and handed out the ravioli. While making a statement about the event, Polat said that they cannot remain silent about the earthquake in Turkey.

Polat said: “Today is the day when you need to overcome difficulties by helping each other. We had a meeting with DITIB, “How can we help our brothers during the earthquake, how can we heal their wounds.” We set out to cook manti, unique for our city. Proceeds from the sale of the ravioli will be donated to the “Turkey Earthquake Victim Relief Campaign” launched by DITIB to meet the needs of our earthquake victims. There was strong interest. We both suggested it and performed an act of kindness that touched hearts.”

They made and sold ravioli to earthquake victims.

Declaring that they have launched a cash aid campaign across Germany to heal the wounds after the earthquake, DITIB Chairman Dr. Muharrem Kuzey said that with the great help of philanthropists, our aid campaign has reached an amount of more than 25 million euros in cash aid, and the campaign continues.

They made and sold ravioli for earthquake victims.

The proceeds from the sale of dumplings 3 thousand euros were sent to the victims of the earthquake.

They made and sold ravioli for earthquake victims.

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