Japanese Love for Atatürk, “A Pair of Blue Eyes”


15.4 tons of materials and equipment were delivered to Turkey from Japan by a special transport aircraft belonging to the Japan Self-Defense Forces. The audience was touched by the badge on the shoulder of Lieutenant Colonel TAKAHASI Yosuke, a member of the advanced delegation of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. On the armada of TAKAHASHI, with a portrait of Atatürk on his shoulder, it was seen that “Our love for blue began with the opening of a pair of blue eyes in Thessaloniki.”

The phrase referring to the blue-eyed Ataturk, who was born in Thessaloniki in 1881, once again revealed the worldwide sympathy for the founder of the Republic of Turkey.


On the other hand, Ambassador Kazuhiro noted that the medical equipment will serve in Gaziantep with a medical team of 36 people, and said, “From now on, a total of 75 people will come from Japan with the next team. In addition, a total of 25 tons of equipment and supplies will be delivered along with other shipments. Tents, sleeping bags and blankets for 15,000 people were also sent from our country for the victims of the earthquake in Kahramanmarash and Hatay. A Japanese team of 73 is working at the crash sites. We also provide financial and humanitarian assistance as the government of Japan. This assistance will continue in accordance with the needs of the region.” used his words.

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