Japan completes first aid flight to earthquake zone in cooperation with NATO – MIR


Japan completes first aid flight to earthquake zone in cooperation with NATOIt was reported that Japan, under the coordination of NATO, carried out the first flight with assistance to the areas affected by the earthquake in Kahramanmaras.In a written statement from NATO, it was stated that, as part of an Alliance-coordinated air bridge, Japan had carried out its first cargo flight into the earthquake zone as part of the first international relief operation conducted in cooperation with NATO. Japan plans in the coming days, the statement said. “Over the past weeks, allies and partners have sent about 10,000 tents, blankets and medical supplies from Pakistan. In early March, France delivered 5,000 tents and thousands of blankets.” it was said.The statement included the following words from NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu:“NATO deeply values ​​our partnership with Japan. Japan’s decision to send aid to Turkey through a NATO-coordinated airlift is a first in history and once again demonstrates how Japan’s cooperation with NATO helps to promote international peace and security.” The statement also noted that NATO had established temporary shelters for 4,000 people left homeless by the earthquakes in Antakya and Iskenderun, and that the shelters built by the NATO Support and Supply Department have heating, power generators and medical rooms. a facility in Istanbul is ready to receive 2,400 people who were displaced before mid-April, the statement said NATO allies will provide temporary shelter for another 4,000 people in the Defne region in the near future. in which the respondent is involved While stating that the Turkish military has also set up field clinics for earthquake survivors, it has been claimed that the earthquakes that hit Turkey earlier this year were the deadliest natural disasters to hit Alliance territory since NATO was founded. expressions were used.

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