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US State Department spokesman Ned Price reiterated that, as Washington, they have taken a clear stance that Sweden and Finland are ready for NATO membership.

In her daily press briefing to Ned Price, Suzanne Trehörning, Deputy Head of the Swedish Intelligence Agency’s counter-terrorism department, said that the PKK, which is on the US, EU and Turkish terrorist lists, and the YPG, which Turkey considers an extension of the PKK, will provide significant funding to its country.

“Firstly, this is not a bilateral issue for the US. From our point of view, we clearly believe that Finland and Sweden are ready to join the alliance. In many ways, advanced democracies are our important partners. “They are important security partners whose armies have been training alongside ours for decades,” he said.

Noting that Finland and Sweden have taken important steps in line with their commitments under the trilateral MoU, Price spokesman, referring to the third meeting on March 9, said the issue will be discussed at that meeting.

“We say they are ready because they are countries with advanced democracies, with advanced and combat-ready armies that have been training with the US military for decades. They are prepared for us, they must be accepted into the NATO alliance, but in accordance with the founding documents of NATO, each individual NATO Ally, we, this administration and the United States must approve this entry. Congress moved at record speed, presenting the treaty of ratification to the president for signature. Other NATO allies did the same in the summer. As far as Turkey is concerned, as far as Turkey is concerned, this is an independent decision of the Turkish government. We discussed this with our Turkish partners. More importantly, Secretary General Stoltenberg discussed this issue with his Swedish and Finnish counterparts with his Turkish counterparts.

Reiterating the legitimacy of Turkey’s concerns, Price said: “We understand and respect Turkey’s legitimate security concerns. We have long talked about the fact that Turkey has experienced more terrorist attacks on its territory than any other NATO ally. At the same time, we would like to see steps to strengthen the Euro-Atlantic security environment. We believe that the admission and accession of Finland to the Alliance, the strongest defense alliance in modern history, will strengthen the Euro-Atlantic Security Alliance. But ultimately it should be a question for Turkey,” he said.

Asked about the visit of the Egyptian Foreign Minister to Turkey 10 years later, Price said about Semih Sukru’s contacts with Turkey: “Both Turkey and Egypt are our partners, we always encourage the development of relations between important partners. Of course, it is a fact that Turkey and Egypt are important partners for the United States.

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