Iranian fake cops who extorted money from tourists caught!


Three Iranian citizens were caught in Fatih, who introduced themselves as policemen and stole 2,622 and 17,000 lire from a Senegalese tourist.

The incident occurred on Turanly Street in Fatih Mimar Kemalettin Mahallesi around 22:00 on March 3. According to the information received, a white car drove up to a citizen of Senegal, I.F. (45), walking down the street. The people in the car were talking to I.F., who for some time did not know what was going to happen to him.

The persons, who introduced themselves as police officers, fled, taking the money of İ.F in the amount of 2,622 dollars and 17,000 liras. I.F., surprised by what was happening, dragged along for some time, hanging on the car. The usurpers who put pressure on the gas fled from there. After the incident, police teams investigating the extortionists identified suspects after notifying a Senegalese tourist.


Iranian suspects Toosi M. (35 years old), Mehran M. (22 years old) and Satar S. (18 years old), whose identities were identified after studying the recording from the surveillance camera, were detained in Beylikduzu. It was established that Toosa M. had 5 convictions and Mehran M. had 2 convictions. Suspected Iranian citizens were arrested in three cases and sent to prison.

It was learned that the suspects carried out two more separate incidents in Fatih using the same method.


Iranian fake cops who extorted money from tourists caught! The article first appeared on the Kent News Agency.

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