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10.11.2022 11:41

Iran’s semi-official news agency Fars has detained an opposition official broadcasting on Iranian International TV Channel by security forces while trying to leave the country.

Iran Detains Another Adversary, Presumably an Agent

Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency reported that security forces have detained a member of the opposition, which broadcasts on Iran’s international TV channel, while trying to leave the country.

Iranian Intelligence Minister Ismail Katip on Tuesday called the London-based international TV channel Iran International a terrorist organization.

In a report by the Fars news agency on this occasion, the term “spy” was applied to the detainee and stated that he was accused of inciting youth to rebellion and organizing terrorist attacks among the population.

It was announced that the detainee was a man named Elham Efkari, who was associated with the international TV channel Iran. The man is said to be the sister of 27-year-old wrestler Navid Efkari, who was executed for allegedly stabbing a guard during anti-government protests in 2018.

Efkari’s family claimed that Navid was executed by torture and forced to give false testimony, a claim denied by Iranian authorities.

So far, no statements have been made regarding the detention of Elham Efkari of Iran International.

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