International assistance to earthquake zones continues. Last Minute GERMANY, UK, Spain, Russia, Greece headlines and events


Following the earthquakes in southeast Turkey and northwest Syria, governments and international organizations around the world continue to support the two countries. The assistance efforts of these countries and organizations are as follows:


Stephen Allen, head of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Disaster Response Team, announced that two teams, each consisting of approximately 80 people and search and rescue dogs, will arrive in Turkey today and travel to Adiyaman Province in southeastern Turkey. east. countries to focus on search and rescue efforts.


An earthquake relief team from China arrived in Adana province, state broadcaster CCTV reported. China sent 20 tons of supplies and equipment to the region with a team of 82 people and four search dogs. According to video surveillance, rescuers from different regions are also on the way.


Two crews of 100 from India’s National Disaster Response Force are ready to board the plane with their dogs and equipment. While the medical teams are preparing in agreement with the Turkish authorities, humanitarian materials are being sent.


Japan sent 73 rescuers to Turkey with items such as life detectors, portable generators, medical kits and food.


The government announced that 76 British search and rescue specialists, as well as four search dogs and rescue equipment, have been sent to Turkey and that a British emergency team will assess the situation.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has announced that it will establish a field hospital in Turkey and send search and rescue teams to Turkey and Syria. It is aimed at providing emergency assistance to the most affected areas of Syria.


Spain sent civil defense personnel on an Airbus A330 aircraft to work with rescuers, as well as an A400 military aircraft with firefighters and equipment. Spain also sent aid to Turkey with two warships Juan Carlos I and Galicia and 500 marines.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ordered the creation of an air transport to provide assistance and launched a campaign to provide assistance to Turkey and Syria through the Sachem platform.


Iraq has announced that it will send civil defense teams and emergency supplies to Turkey and Syria.


The government has arranged aid flights to Turkey to transport vehicles, a field hospital, tents and other supplies, and search and rescue teams, according to Qatar’s state news agency. The Qatar-funded Qatar Charity said it had distributed 27,000 hot meals in Gaziantep and delivered humanitarian aid to shelters in Turkey and Syria. The group provided $6 million for the early stages of the response.


Pakistan announced that it had sent humanitarian aid and 36 search and rescue personnel on two C-130 aircraft.

Vatican and Italian Catholic Church

Pope Francis sent a telegram expressing “sincere condolences” in connection with the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The Italian Roman Catholic Church has allocated 500 thousand euros (537 thousand 800 dollars) for emergency assistance.


Home Secretary Nancy Feiser said the federal civil defense agency could provide the camps with temporary shelters and water treatment plants and, in agreement with Turkish authorities, had prepared humanitarian aid in the form of generators, tents and blankets. Prime Minister Olaf Scholz promised more support.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged 10 million Canadian dollars ($7.5 million) for emergency aid to Turkey and Syria and said Canada would continue to provide support as events unfold.


Australia said it would provide A$10 million (US$7 million) in aid and send a 72-strong urban search and rescue team to Turkey to arrive by the end of the week.

United Nations World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO said a network of ambulance teams has been deployed to provide basic medical care to the injured and most vulnerable.


Prime Minister Georgia Meloni said the Italian Civil Protection Service is ready to provide support and first aid.


A cabinet minister said Poland would send a HUSAR rescue team consisting of 76 firefighters and eight rescue dogs.

European Union

European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said the EU’s 24-hour emergency response coordination center has contacted Turkish authorities and activated the Copernicus emergency satellite mapping service to assist first responders.


The Taiwan Fire Department announced that a 40-man rescue team with three rescue dogs and four to five tons of humanitarian aid had been sent to Turkey. Taiwan has previously said it is ready to provide a team of 130 people with five search dogs and 13 tons of aid and is waiting for Turkey’s response.


President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine was ready to send support: “We are now with the friendly Turkish people and are ready to provide the necessary assistance.”


The Russian Emergencies Ministry reported that, if necessary, two Il-76 aircraft with 100 rescuers on board are ready to fly to Turkey. President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences and offered support to the presidents of Turkey and Syria.


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his condolences to Turkey and conveyed a message of support, saying that Greece has mobilized its resources and will immediately provide assistance.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said all officials have received emergency preparedness instructions for medical and search and rescue assistance.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

“The NRC Regional Director for the Middle East said they are assessing the situation to provide direct support to those most affected by the earthquake in Syria and called for more international support for Syria and Turkey, and said, ‘Our organization will be part of this.’


Switzerland sent about 80 Swiss search and rescue specialists and eight search dogs to Turkey. The rescue team also includes disaster management specialists from the Swiss Army.


Finland said it would send search and rescue specialists to Turkey as part of EU assistance.

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