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“In the US, self-interest and lobbying are above the public interest!”Headache, nausea, burning eyes… In the polluted environment caused by the leakage of poisonous gas, people suffered, and many dead animals were found in many places. This footage is not from a disaster movie, but from East Palestine, Ohio, USA.According to the Washington Post, on February 3, a train carrying pesticides derailed in eastern Ohio, causing a fire. Due to concerns about explosions, the Ohio State Emergency Response Unit resorted to a “controlled release” method on February 6, detonating condensed chlorethylene transported in 5 vehicles in a pre-arranged tunnel. Therefore, residents of the area of ​​the crash were urgently evacuated, and three days later, local authorities said that the derailed train did not cause pollution, and informed the residents of the area that they could return to their homes. In this way, people realized the seriousness of the accident in question. At this time, some returning residents show symptoms of varying severity, and nearby animals show symptoms of poisoning, such as coughing, diarrhea, watery eyes, and loss of appetite. What people most want to know: What environmental damage does a train derailment cause? What action will be taken by the US administration and the railroad company where the accident occurred? So far, however, the authorities’ response has disappointed residents. Sil Caggiano, a substance expert, pointed out that the spill accident meant “destroying a small town with chemicals” and said, “After 5 to 20 years, a large number of the local population may become sick cancer.” Secondly, the US media reported on this accident. There are paradoxes. When the train derailed on February 3, there were only minor reports in the US media claiming that the experts were diligently working on the investigation. Police have arrested a journalist for “blocking” a press conference while he was broadcasting live from a press conference attended by the Governor of Ohio on February 8. Why is the American people being denied even the most basic right to information when their lives, health, and safety are facing serious threats? In addition, according to US press reports, the Norfolk Southern Company involved in the accident has focused on maximizing profits and cutting costs since the Obama administration, even lobbying the last three-time president to relax security measures to stop installing EDS braking systems on trains. According to professional technicians, the train would not have derailed if the wrecked train had been fitted with an ECP braking system. The Guardian noted that the US rail industry has long prioritized profit over safety, and that this latest accident is the result of a lack of industry control. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg at a Feb. 13 event praised ongoing infrastructure projects while a train derailed in Ohio. He said nothing about a gas leak caused by the exit. American politicians and the interest groups behind them seem accustomed to undermining the public interest for personal gain.

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