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As COVID-related restrictions ease, more journalists are on the ground in 2022. At a time when conflicts are escalating, this has also led to a significant increase in the number of deaths and imprisonment of journalists in the past year.

Violence in Mexico, the war in Ukraine, repressive laws and operations against the media have made 2022 a difficult year for the media.

Arrests and fatal violence were greater than ever in 2022, with journalists covering protests in Iran imprisoned or journalists killed in the conflict in the West Bank.

Press freedom has fallen in 2022, according to media watchers.

Reporters Without Borders announced that 533 journalists have been arrested and 57 killed this year.

China, Myanmar and Iran are the countries where journalists are most often imprisoned.

Mexico, Ukraine and Haiti were relatively deadly regions for journalists in 2022.

After invading Ukraine, Russia passed suffocating laws banning reporting, and major news outlets were forced to shut down.

In Ukraine, the media also tried to protect their employees by trying to inform the public.

“Wars have never been easy to watch,” Kyiv-based journalist Olga Rudenko said. But especially if there is a war in your country and you are not a journalist who arrives at the scene and then can safely return home. Neither you nor your family are safe,” she says.

But not only battlefields are dangerous for journalists. Violence and attacks on journalists in Mexico led to the deadliest year yet.

Article 19 Paula Saucedo of the Human Rights Organization draws attention to the threat of violence faced by journalists: “We are most concerned about the lethal violence. Because when a journalist is killed, it’s a double homicide. News about the murdered man is hushed up, and nothing is reported about the investigation. This creates a strong and growing atmosphere of fear and censorship.”

China is a leader in media censorship and its influence is most felt in Hong Kong.

Experts say the case for Jimmy Lai, founder of the Apple Daily, is to send a message.

According to Keith Richburg of the Foreign Journalists’ Club of Hong Kong, “National security cases like this send the message that if it can happen to powerful people like Jimmy Lai, then it can happen to anyone.”

Repressive governments elsewhere also block access to reliable media, such as in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have banned the Voice of America from broadcasting, but journalists say they will continue their work.

Shaista Sadat Lamy of VOA Afghanistan said: “People trust us and want to hear from us. They will find us no matter what,” he said.

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