In the Netherlands, the number of fake diplomas and certified medical workers increased in 2022 – WORLD


In the Netherlands, the number of health workers with fake diplomas and certificates increased in 2022AMSTERDAM (AA) – In the Netherlands, the number of health care workers caught with fake diplomas or professional practice certificates has been reported to have more than doubled in 2022.The Inspectorate for Health and Youth Affairs (IGJ) said in a statement that in 2022, 95 healthcare professionals worked with fake diplomas or certificates of professional practice. In addition, 11 medical workers were found to have irregularities in their criminal record (VOG). check the diplomas and documents of their employees. It was pointed out that it was not known how accurately the figures in question reflected the truth and that this might be “the tip of the iceberg”. The statement mentions that those who work with fake diplomas and documents pose a danger to patients, stated that employers are required to report the situation to the prosecutor’s office in suspicious cases. As part of the ongoing investigation, it was announced that 8 former medical workers will appear before the court on Thursday.

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