In 52 schools, 2,000 students were poisoned!


The number of female students poisoned in Iran has exceeded 2,000.

Although cases of poisoning in Iran were first recorded in November, the number of poisoned students in 52 schools has now exceeded 2,000. The treatment of female students who have learned about poisoning with harmful gas continues in the hospitals from where they were taken.

While complaints such as nausea, shortness of breath, weakness and dizziness have been reported in cases of poisoning, parents have claimed that the students were the direct target.

President Ibrahim Reisi directed Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi, Intelligence Minister Ismail Khatib and Health Minister Behram Aynullahi to conduct the study on March 1.

The chief, on the other hand, explained that the cause of these incidents was “the enemy’s conspiracy to create fear and despair in the people.” said.

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