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As the spring season approaches, the course of the war in Ukraine this year is being discussed. According to some experts, there is no end in sight. Others think Ukraine will win.

It was expected to be finished in a few days, almost in its first year of existence.

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, plans did not go as Moscow wanted.

To the surprise of the whole world, Ukraine has been resisting occupation for almost a year now.

But the balance is hard. More than 9,000 civilians have died in Ukraine, including 453 children, according to authorities.

The world community does not know how many soldiers from both sides died. The war is locked in the east of the country.

Russia does not retreat from its demands, Ukraine is talking about the withdrawal of all Russian troops from the country.

How will the war go in such a situation? Will 2023 be different from 2022? Questions like whether the war will end this year come to mind.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “We must not underestimate Russia. “We have to be prepared for a protracted war,” he says.

A significant number of experts seem to agree with Stoltenberg’s idea of ​​being ready for a protracted war.

However, the number of experts who consider Ukraine more profitable is large.

Michael Clark of the Institute for Strategic Studies at the University of Exeter is one of them.

It has to stand on both sides because of the winter, Clark said, but Ukraine is better equipped and more motivated to move forward.

Clark expects Ukraine to put pressure on the Donbass, at least in the east of the country.

One of the elements that will make the Ukrainian army better equipped in 2023 is Western tanks.

The UK is the first country to announce that it will send tanks to Ukraine.

Liana Fix of the Council on Foreign Relations said: “Ukraine needs hundreds of tanks to launch a successful attack in the spring. So the UK proposal is more of a political sign. This sign says that the red line around the tanks is no more.

There are those who think that Ukraine will win a decisive victory.

Among those who think in this direction are retired American General Ben Hodges and expert Andrey Piontkovsky.

Hodges believes that Ukraine is likely to win the war in 2023.

Andriy Piontkovsky also believes that in the spring of 2023 Kyiv will fully restore its territorial integrity.

Piontkovsky emphasizes that the motivation, determination and courage of the Ukrainian army and its people are very important factors in this.

Not everyone agrees. Barbara Zanchett of the Royal College of Military Studies notes that there is no end in sight. According to Zanchetta, the war will get longer and longer.

Zanchetta notes that a possible world requires at least one party to demand change, but there is no evidence that this has happened or will happen anytime soon.

Liana Fix said: “The West is not satisfied with a permanent conflict, it is not interested in a permanent war, a preliminary truce. The Western Alliance believes that Ukraine should achieve more,” he says.

Western countries, especially America, say they will support Ukraine no matter how long the war goes on.

Although they mostly express thoughts about how the war might end, few people seem to be able to accurately predict the end date of the war.

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