How many voters abroad voted?


According to the High Electoral Commission (VEC), the number of voters who cast their votes abroad has reached 1,763,973 people.

According to the data of the High Electoral Commission (VEC), as of May 20, 1,763,973 votes were cast as part of the voting, which took place in foreign missions and customs posts. Voting procedures in foreign representations will be completed tonight, and at customs they will last until 17.00 on May 28.

3 million 416 thousand 98 Turkish voters registered abroad got the opportunity to vote in 73 countries. In some countries, the voting process has been completed. Voters still vote in 16 countries, including the US, Germany, Belgium, the UK and the TRNC.

The votes will be delivered to Turkey by diplomatic couriers, under strict security conditions, by means determined by YSK.

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