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Venezuela is the largest city in the region with 40.8 homicides per 100, according to the 2022 Latin American homicide rate report published by InSight Crime, a research group that conducts research on organized crime, violence and security, headquartered in Colombia. thousand people. It was a country where many murders were committed.

Despite a decrease in crime and violence in Venezuela, which is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, due to increased immigration in recent years, iron-handed government policies and a partial improvement in economic data, according to Venezuela. There were 9,367 murders in the South American country last year, according to the Violence Observatory (OVV). This figure is 5 ppm lower than in the previous year.

HIA director Roberto León points out that 5,799 murders recorded in the country are unsolved, 1,240 of them were extrajudicial executions by security forces, and says that 1,370 missing people are not included in the calculations.

Stating that violence has become a structural problem in Venezuela, León said: “Failures in the judiciary, high levels of individual weaponry, widespread bribery and corruption, the effectiveness of organized crime organizations, income inequity, and the economic, social and cultural effects caused by protracted crisis are among the factors fueling the violence,” he says.

Homicide rate in Latin America

According to the UN, although Latin America, home to 662 million people, accounts for 8 percent of the world’s population, the region accounts for about a third of the world’s homicides.

According to experts, among the factors that make the region dangerous are income inequality, unemployment, drug trafficking, the effectiveness of organized crime groups, weapons, high undisclosed stakes, a tendency to solve the problem with violence, and unplanned urbanization.

Brazil (more than 40,000) and Mexico (30,968) were the countries with the most murders last year, according to an Insight Crime report based on official data.

Honduras (35.8) and Colombia (26.1) are the countries with the highest number of homicides among the population after Venezuela.

The country with the highest murder rate last year is the Turks and Caicos Islands, known as the Turkish Islands, with a 150 percent increase. It is followed by Ecuador, whose importance in the supply of cocaine is growing day by day, with an increase of 82 per cent. The country where the homicide rate dropped the most last year was El Salvador, at 56.8%. In El Salvador, where organized crime is very active and the government has declared a state of emergency, more than 63,000 gang members have been arrested in the last ten months in the fight against gang crime.

The countries with the lowest homicide rates in the region are Chile and Nicaragua, respectively.

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