Governor of Shahin District and President Keskin in Cyprus


He was received by President Ersin Tatar, district governor Kemal Shahin and Sultanbeyli mayor Hussein Keskin in his office.

The delegation of Cyprus, consisting of the Sultanbeyli district of Istanbul, visited the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ersin Tatar in his office. The delegation included Mayor of Ultanbeyli Hussein Keskin, Deputy Mayor of Ultanbeyli Zafer Sogyutchu, Governor of Kemal Shahin District and veterans of Cyprus.

According to the information provided by the presidium, Tatar, in his speech at the reception, expressed his pleasure in seeing the Sultanbeyli delegation on the island and, speaking of the 1974 Peace Operation, said that thanks to the heroism of the Turkish armed forces and the Cypriot veterans, the Turkish Cypriots had passed a turning point on the way to their independence and achieved victory.

Continuing his words by saying: “Peace has continued since that day,” Tatar pointed to the conflicts that took place on the island before 1974 and the atrocities committed by the Greek-Greek duo to destroy the Turkish Cypriots. In addition, the President expressed gratitude to the Cypriot veterans and said: “I personally greet all Cypriot veterans and their families.”

On the other hand, during the visit, ceramics with tile patterns, the governor of the region Shahin and President Keskin were presented to the President of Tatarstan.

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