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Germany and Italy oppose EU plan to ban petrol and diesel carsBRUSSELS (AA) – Germany and Italy have opposed an attempt to ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles in the European Union (EU) from 2035.The regulation, which was approved by the General Assembly of the European Parliament (EP) last month and would introduce strict carbon emission standards for new cars and light commercial vehicles to be sold in EU countries, has sparked a backlash from major EU car manufacturing countries. Pointing out that to support the plan, the EU must introduce an exemption for renewable energy and synthetic fuels made by capturing carbon dioxide in the air, Wissing said: “The only way to achieve zero emissions should not be to opt for electric cars.” One of the most important car manufacturers in Europe, Italian Energy Minister Gilberto Picetto Fratin also said that his country’s new petrol and diesel engines in Europe in 12 years. car sales Recalling that the ambassadors of the EU member states will meet in Brussels on this issue, Fratin said that Italy opposes a regulation that includes a ban on the production and sale of cars and vans with internal combustion engines until 2035 and achieving zero emissions. He emphasized that the only way should not be to choose electric vehicles. – Regulation According to the regulation, which must be formally approved by EU member states to come into force, all new cars and light commercial vehicles must be sold in EU member states. from 2035 carbon emissions should be zero, carbon emissions will be reduced by 100 percent. Therefore, new vehicles with internal combustion engines, including petrol and diesel engines, will not be able to be sold in EU countries from that date. The emission reduction target by 2030 will be 55% for passenger cars and 50% for pickups. will be developed. Emission limit values ​​will be aligned with emissions in actual use. The provision is among the proposals included in the 55 Compliance package, which is part of the European Green Deal and aims to reduce emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030.

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