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“Albania is a friendly country and an important partner of the European Union,” said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, meeting with his counterpart Bayram Begay as part of his contacts in Albania. said.

Steinmeier and Begay, who gathered together in the capital Tirana, held a joint press conference after the meeting.

Noting that this was his first visit to Albania as president, Steinmeier said: “Albania is a friendly country and an important partner of the European Union, especially Germany. Therefore, it is important for us to strengthen this special bond that has developed over the years between the two countries through the visit.” he said.

Stressing that Albania has made an important contribution to “defending the eastern flank and strengthening regional security in the Western Balkans” within NATO, Steinmeier said:

“Especially in Europe, at this time when we are facing the terrible war of Russia against Ukraine, it is important that we maintain and further strengthen harmony and friendship in Europe. Albania makes a very important contribution to harmony within Europe.”

“I hope that Albania will officially become part of the European Union very soon,” Steinmeier said. said.

Albanian President Bayram Begay, on the other hand, said that a series of high-level visits to the German President demonstrated “excellent political cooperation and German interest in their country”.

Emphasizing that Germany is a friendly country and an indispensable partner for Albanians, Begay said: “She supported us at all levels, such as the political, diplomatic, economic, Euro-Atlantic path, democratization of the country and stability in the region. at the bilateral level, as well as with the EU, NATO and other organizations. “Our cooperation with the Bundestag (German Bundestag) and the German government has been continuous and has always welcomed reforms in key sectors such as European integration, justice reform, state police, energy.” used the phrases.

Describing the Berlin Process as an important example of Germany’s commitment to the region, Begay noted that they welcome Germany’s role and contribution in the Western Balkans and gave the following assessments:

“The war in Ukraine has also increased the difficulties for the countries of the region. The loss of interest in the Western Balkans may lead to the fact that third parties will benefit in all areas, and may adversely affect the continuation of the integration processes of the country and the region. We appreciate the commitment and offer of Germany and France or the offer of Brussels and support the continuation of the dialogue.”

Begay added that the summit of the European Union (EU) and the Western Balkans, which will be held in the Albanian capital Tirana on December 6, is a historic event for his country.

Speaking to members of the Albanian parliament, Steinmeier will also meet with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

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